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I oppose the conversion of single family homes to multi-tenant housing/rooming houses.  I am not in favour of the conversions for the following reasons:

1. Parking and Traffic Congestion: The multi-tenant housing (MTH) will further exacerbate the demand for on-street parking.

2. Lack of Enforced Regulation: Despite the Planning and Housing Committees’ proposition to create a city-wide regulatory and compliance framework for multi-tenant housing, the proposal does not guarantee that pre-existing landlords will not ensure the necessary permits are obtained and upgrades are incompliance with building codes and standards.


3. Health and Safety: As a result, MTH are prone to creating a low-standard of living for tenants. As previously mentioned, there is no guarantee that these units will conform to the compliance and regulatory framework, thus presenting a lack of infrastructure for hygienic and living practices within MTH. The physical and organizational characteristics of these residential units create an unsustainable standard of living for multiple tenants while putting their safety and those around them at risk. 


4. Economic Depreciation of Housing Value: The conversion to multi-tenant housing has been shown to depreciate the economic value of single family housing.  Moreover, the lack maintenance at MTH will further devalue neighbouring properties, as MTH tenants tend not to prioritized the proper maintenance and standards of living.


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The issue of converting single family homes into multi-tenant housing will be raised at the Planning and Housing Committee later this month.

As your Councillor, I have been quite vocal in my opposition to the illegal rooming houses that have been in our Ward for years. I hope that are you able to support my position by signing the petition below.

As a concerned resident you may wish to register to appear at the Committee by emailing phc@toronto.ca You can also call 416-397-4579, by no later than 12:00pm on June 25 to register.