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The safety of our community is paramount.  A safe community not only sees a reduction of crime and injury, but helps to build a strong, cohesive, and vibrant place to live. I will work with you to help make Scarborough-Agincourt a safer place by implementing the City’s Vision Zero Safety Plan. This will improve road safety by moving traffic more efficiently while protecting pedestrians, cyclists, and school safety zones.



Additionally, I will continue to work with the women and men of the Toronto Police Service, 42 Division, as they work tirelessly to ensure our safety. I will take a responsible and collaborative approach in how funding is allocated and how resources are deployed, thereby ensuring that our officers are trained in the most modern methods and continue to be reflective and respectful of the diverse community that we are.


Safety of person and property are rights that I will protect and advance!


Planning for The Future

Development & Infrastructure

My goal is clear: help foster a comfortable and prosperous present, while we pursue an optimistic and bright future. I will work with residents, City staff, and developers to move forward projects that will be beneficial to our community. Developers help to foster growth and usher change in our Ward. In working with them, my priorities will include ensuring maximum allocation of affordable housing units. In respecting local, national, and international environmental goals, I will work with the building industry to ensure usage of sustainable, low-carbon methods. My priorities also embrace infrastructure renewal, notably including roads, water mains, water pressure flow, and utilities.  


Transit and Traffic Flow

Effective public transit is vital to a successful community. As such, I will continue to support significant public transit projects, including the Sheppard subway extension. Additionally, through technology and infrastructure renewal, I will push for traffic signal co-ordination to help reduce gridlock for all commuters.



Greenspace is vital to the health and well-being of our entire community. Several parks in Scarborough-Agincourt are due to be upgraded and I will work to ensure that these upgrades are completed, and maintained, to the highest standards. As we continue to grow, I will work towards developing new parks and recreational areas throughout our community. 



Economy & Advancement

Jobs & Businesses

Prosperity and growth rely on a lively job market. I will work towards attracting new, forward-thinking, ‘high-tech’ businesses to Scarborough-Agincourt, while also helping to foster the advancement of on-the-job skills training. Moreover, our small businesses must be supported and respected as major contributors to economic growth and advancement. Supporting local businesses, attracting bigger industry, and nurturing a vibrant workforce will help ensure that our Community is the best possible place to live and work.


Tech & Innovation

As our economy shifts towards a cleaner, more technologically-oriented model, I will work closely with all types of businesses and educational institutions to bring new jobs and incubation projects to Scarborough-Agincourt. We need to adequately respond to the rapid pace of the technological transformation of our work and social spaces. It’s time to move forward so that no one is left behind in the innovation economy.  

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